The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

I started the Motorcycle Mentor Podcast several years after I started riding—back when fewer folks did them. It was a top-rated podcast about motorcycles on iTunes for a long time.

It might have had something to do with me having better-than-average equipment and me caring enough to record each episode in the comfort of my closet (for acoustical reasons)—while my wife was at work and my barking dogs were neatly tucked away in another part of the house.

A Real Struggle

I’m not going to lie. I never thought I was very good at it. I felt like I needed to write a script so I would say something coherent, but if I wrote too many words, it sounded like I was reading it. So, I transitioned to bullets.

I’ve always battled with the temptation for perfectionism.

I hope to goodness my wife never finds out how much money I spent on podcasting equipment over the years.

As you can tell from the dates of each episode, I did them in bursts. With each remake, I was always determined to create a new episode every week—but that proved too much. I even hired a producer toward the end.

While that certainly helped, I still had to write them, record them, and edit out my mistakes—and trust me, I always had a lot of errors.

Mistakes Made

Looking back, I probably worked harder on them than I needed to. But I wanted each episode to be just as long as it needed to be and not a second longer. Podcasts where the host turns on the microphone and babbles for an hour or two are insulting to listeners.

The simple truth is that podcasting just wasn’t in my wheelhouse.

I stopped making new episodes around the time I published my first book. I did a few more to announce other books and events, but never on a consistent basis.

I’ve thought about deleting the podcasts altogether. But new listeners reach out every once in a while and tell me they learned something from them. So, I’ll keep them live for now. If nothing else, I think listeners can get a sense of my passion for the topics I talk about—especially in the later episodes.

You can listen to all the podcast episodes on iTunes.

What Listeners Are Saying

“A MUST LISTEN for any rider!”
— Brent Boxall via iTunes
“When I was in my MSF course, a funny thing happened. I recognized a reference my rider coach made as being from your show. This surprised me at first, but it turns out that Kevin and I are both fans. You have fans all over the country, even here in small-town Vermont.”
— Jeff Green in Randolph, VT
“I mentor new riders, and your podcast is an instant recommendation. David, you will never know how many lives you’ve saved.
— John Smallberries via iTunes
“On a technical level, the audio quality is good, and the host is always on topic. It is obvious that he puts a lot of work into each episode before hitting the record button. There is no stream-of-consciousness rambling like you get when you try to watch motorcycle reviews on YouTube. Riding a motorcycle is a serious endeavor, and this show is a great resource.”
— Highlander 357 via iTunes

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About the Author

David Mixson writes about the topics other motorcycle books gloss over. He worked as a NASA engineer for over thirty years and is the author of three books.