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I help riders understand how motorcycles work and why they crash.

Motorcycle Smarts

Who is David?

I begged my parents for a motorcycle when I was twelve. They said "no," so I settled for a bright orange Honda Express moped. The motorcycle hook was set.

Twenty-something years later, I said "yes" for myself. 

When I bought my first real motorcycle at forty, I felt overwhelmed. Was I being selfish for wanting to ride? Could I reduce my chances of crashing? Why does fear overcome me when I even think about riding? In my books and podcast, I show riders how to ride guilt-free by exposing why most riders crash.

What people are Saying ...

About Podcast

When I was in my MSF course, a funny thing happened. I recognized a reference my Rider Coach made from your podcast. This surprised me at first, but it turns out that Kevin and I are both fans.


Randolph, Vermont


Thank you for explaining to us non-Rocket Scientist types how to ride safer and how our bikes work.

We really appreciate all your work.

Evan and Sandra

Marmora, New Jersey

About Book

David's Motorcycle Smarts book was perfect for me from page one ... starting with rider fear. My wife and friends always ask how my ride was after I go out, and my response is usually, "It's a love-hate relationship."


Massapequa, New York

How to Avoid Most Lowside and Highside Motorcycle Crashes!

Riders crash and die every day in rider-induced lowside and highside crashes—and most of these crashes are avoidable.

Understanding lowside and highside crashes is so important that I've pulled out a section from my new book Motorcycle Smarts: Overcome Fear, Learn Control, Master Riding Well that explains them (what are they, what triggers them, how you can avoid them), and I'm giving it away as a FREE download.

In this Guide, I explain lowside and highside crashes in a completely different way that you won't find anywhere else—using simple to understand terms and illustrations of real crashes captured on video.

Lowside Highside Guide

This GUIDE could save your life!