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I doubt I would have written a single book on motorcycling if the mainstream motorcycle training and skills books hadn’t glossed over some of the most important topics.

Most of My Open Letters center around three things.

1. Why have the most popular motorcycle mega books (and motorcycle training organizations) failed to explain what triggers most lowside and highside crashes?

2. Why hasn’t Congress mandated ABS (along with ESC or Stability Control) for all on-street motorcycles? This is the single most important action that would slash motorcycle fatalities. Two simple pieces of electronics that probably cost less than a chromed intake cover.

3. Helping beginner and experienced riders understand how motorcycles work—so they can reduce their chances of crashing.

Avoidable Crashes

My passion gets even more real when I think of all the riders who’ve died in single-vehicle lowside and highside crashes. The uncomfortable truth is that it didn’t have to be that way.

Sometimes, I think we’re missing the forest for the trees when it comes to educating riders. We need a fresh approach—and it’s time for someone to shine a light on it.

For Your Eyes Only

None of these Open Letters made it into one of my books. I’m bolder now—probably because I’ve stopped riding (for the most part) and don’t have another book on the horizon.

In other words, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by saying what’s on my mind. If it helps one rider, I’ve done what I set out to do in the beginning, which is to pay forward what my motorcycle mentors did for me.

I’d be happy to help.

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About the Author

David Mixson writes about the topics other motorcycle books gloss over. He worked as a NASA engineer for over thirty years and is the author of three books.