Purpose and Vision for Motorcycle Smarts

My Purpose

My purpose is simple—to help riders avoid avoidable crashes.

I do this by explaining some of the most important topics the old-school mega books from the past (and mainstream training) gloss over. I can assure you that if I didn’t believe this information could help riders ride more safely, I wouldn’t feel the calling to do this.

My Vision

My vision consists of five components.

One: The Motorcycle Smarts book series

I wrote two skills books, Motorcycle Smarts and Motorcycle Hacks, to share what I’ve learned along the way. In each book, I used my engineering background to break down complex topics to make them simple to understand—which is the only way I made it through engineering school.

Two: The motorcyclesmarts.com website

In 2024, I decided to take some of the best content from my books and put them on motorcyclesmarts.com so riders who don’t normally buy books about how motorcycles work could have access to some of my content.

Even though I go into more depth in my books, I provide as much information here as possible without violating copyright laws.

It felt like the right thing to do.

Three: FREE books for rider coaches

If we’re going to change the crash data, it’s critical that rider coaches have the latest explanations so they can share them with their students.

In 2024, I started sending a free copy of my two skills books to rider coaches who requested them. I’m taking a leap of faith that I’ll be able to find corporate sponsors who believe in my message.

If not, I won’t be able to continue doing this.

Rider coaches are worth their weight in gold and should have access to the most modern explanations of lowside and highside crashes—and a fresh perspective on countersteering and the importance of ABS and ESC.

One of the best parts of what I do is hearing from rider coaches who tell me they shared what they learned in one of my books with their students. Hearing from students who’ve said their rider coach mentioned something from one of my books is even better.

If you’re a rider coach, learn how to get a free copy of Motorcycle Smarts and Motorcycle Hacks here.

Four: Discounted books for riding clubs and organizations

Several folks have recently asked about getting books at a discounted price for their riding club. Sure. I’m happy to provide a box of books (at a deep discount using the author’s price) to riding clubs and organizations who request them. Contact me via email for details.

Five: Be an advocate for mandatory ABS and ESC

Mandatory ABS and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are way overdue. Instead of just saying that I’ve tried to explain why. I do that in my Open Letter to Congress and the NHTSA here.

Corporate Sponsors

If my goal is to help as many riders as possible, my best vehicle to do this is to share my content with as many riders as possible.

That’s why, in early 2024, I decided to partner with companies that believe in the same mission—which is to help riders ride more safely. Book sales has never been my top priority, but the financial impact of having corporate sponsors helps me fulfill my goals. I’m not about to apologize for that.

Learn more about becoming a sponsor here.

Final Thoughts

When I started riding, I quickly became frustrated with how the motorcycle books and training glossed over some of the most important topics.

In the basement of my house back in 2007, I pulled out a perfectly typed set of notes ten pages long and placed it in front of my mentors, Fred and Pete. With more confidence than I deserved, I proclaimed:

“Someday, I’m going to explain motorcycles my way.”

In the end, my passion has always been to help one rider—which is exactly what my motorcycle mentors did for me.



David is NOT a motorcycle instructor. He’s just a mechanical engineer who loves dissecting how motorcycles work. He also enjoys taking complex ideas and making them simple to understand. David worked at NASA (the space place) for over thirty years. He left in 2022 to write and pursue other callings.

David is passionate about helping authors, training organizations, and the business sector—and would be happy to help on a consulting basis if it’s a good fit. Contact info below.


You can also find David on LinkedIn, where he mostly writes about space.

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The Motorcycle Smarts Book Series

Motorcycle Smarts

Book 1 in the Series.

“This is by far the best motorcycling book I have read. This book is very readable. I learned more of importance about motorcycling safely than I did in the two MSF courses I took.”
— L R Libsch on Amazon
Motorcycle Dream Ride

Book 2 in the Series.

“Very well-written book about a motorcycle journey from Alabama to Alaska and back. When reading the book, I felt like I was along on the journey. Good insight as to what to expect, but not too much detail to be cumbersome. Organization of the story and writer methods were appreciated.”
— Mary R. on Amazon
Motorcycle Hacks

Book 3 in the Series.

“I have been riding for 60 years and learned new things in this book. Notably, how lowsides and highsides are triggered, and look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. Must read for all riders!”
—James L. Clark on Amazon
About the Author

David Mixson writes about the topics other motorcycle books gloss over. He worked as a NASA engineer for over thirty years and is the author of three books.