When I finished my third book about motorcycles, I thought, “What’s Next?”

Sure, I could write another book about how to select a helmet or pick out your first motorcycle, but the motorcycle mega books do a pretty good job with that.

Honestly, I’ve pretty much explained motorcycles “my way,” like I told my motorcycle mentors I wanted to do in the basement of my house back in 2007—in a way that’s different than any other book.

Several weeks ago, I received this email from a rider in New Zealand:

Hi David

I’ve completed several rider training courses here in New Zealand, and not one instructor has ever talked about lowside, or highside crashes or what causes them—or the importance of using your front brake. Nor did they in any of the basic rider courses I’ve completed along my journey. Several riders in my riding group are in the process of completing more advanced courses and have told me the same thing.

Thank you!
KR from New Zealand

My passion has always been to explain motorcycles in a way that other motorcycle books gloss over. I want all riders to understand lowside and highside crashes (and what triggers them)—because they’re pretty easy to avoid.

I want all riders to understand how ABS and Stability Control can make them significantly less likely to crash.

I want all riders to understand why using your front brake is the right approach for on-street conditions.

And the most effective way I know to do this is to get my first book, Motorcycle Smarts, into as many riders’ hands as possible. And with your help, I’m venturing into a plan to do just that.

My vision moving forward looks like this.

1. Free Book for Rider Coaches

Starting today, I’m offering to send as many rider coaches as I can afford a free paperback copy of my first book, Motorcycle Smarts. If I’m honest, I have no idea how I’ll be able to do this. But I know it’s what I’m supposed to do.

Have you ever had that feeling?

In the past, I’ve been approached about allowing corporate sponsorship, and I’ve always said “no.”

But Dave, if you say “yes,” wouldn’t you be able to provide more free/discounted copies of your books? Wouldn’t you be able to help one more rider—like your motorcycle mentors did for you?

The short answer to that question is “yes.”

I can’t do this by myself.

So again, starting today, I’m opening the doors to allow corporate sponsors to be a part of what I’m calling the Motorcycle Smarts Dream Team.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that writing books about motorcycles was never a financial thing.

If you’d like to learn more about being a corporate sponsor, email me, and let’s see if it’s a match.

And if you’re a rider coach and would like a free paperback copy of Motorcycle Smarts, send me an email with something that shows you’re a rider coach—and I’ll get that going.


2. A Box of Books for Riding Clubs

Several folks have asked recently about getting a box of books at a discounted price so they could share them with their riding friends (or riding club members). I’d be happy to do this.

Send me an email and tell me what you’re thinking, and I’ll get the ball rolling on that. A box of ten Motorcycle Smarts books is about $90 shipped to you. A box of five books is about $50. Since I’ll need to have them mailed to my house first to get the author’s discount, I’d be happy to sign them if you’d like. Just let me know.

3. The Motorcycle Smarts Quick Tips Newsletter

I’m developing a weekly Quick Tips Series where I share my best tips—nuggets from my books and nuggets that never made it into a book because they were too bold. I’ve wanted to write a weekly series like this for over a decade. I’m super excited!

To sign up for free, complete the form below. I send the Quick Tips via email on Thursday mornings. Unsubscribe at any time.

Final Thoughts

I just finished updating my first book, Motorcycle Smarts.

Before I hit the “submit button,” I reached out to several beta readers who have reviewed books for me in the past and asked them to check my work.

I asked three people to help. All three of them agreed to review Motorcycle Smarts and gave me comments.

The motorcycling community is amazing.



Again, to register for the MS Quick Tips Series, enter your information in the form above. 

I’ll probably need to limit registrations at some point.

I want to be able to handle all the traffic effectively.