What I Believe About Motorcycles

written by David Mixson

Areader once left a review of Motorcycle Dream Ride and said I seemed arrogant because I rode a BMW motorcycle. 

What the reviewer doesn’t know is that I drive a car with over 400,000 miles on it and still have the used BMW I rode to Alaska and back eight years ago. That bike is now over sixteen years old. 

To clear things up, I wanted to share what I believe.

1. First, I believe all riders are created equally. 

I don’t care if you ride a cruiser, tourer, adventure bike, sport bike, dirt bike, or scooter. To me, Hondas carry the same clout as Harleys, and Vespas are real motorcycles. I do think Ducatis are beautiful, but I don’t think you’re any better because you ride one. The same goes for Harleys, BMWs, and Triumphs.

2. I believe most riders don’t care what you wear or what you ride. I also believe that when you do encounter a jerk that acts like his stuff is better than your stuff, you should ignore him.

3. I believe all riders share a common bond and should wave to each other—regardless of what type of motorcycle each is riding.

4. I believe gear made for motorcyclists is more comfortable. I also believe every rider should wear a helmet. But I’m not looking to get helmets mandated. That’s your decision.

5. I believe men and women are equally qualified to ride and that you’re never too old to start if you’re in good mental and physical condition.

6. I believe motorcycles break barriers. When I see a rider, I see a friend.

7. And lastly, I believe motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than getting around in a car—and that skilled riders crash and die every day when there was nothing they could have done to avoid it.

Every rider can reduce their risk of crashing. I wrote the Motorcycle Smarts book series to show you how.

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About the Author

David Mixson writes about the topics other motorcycle books gloss over. He worked as a NASA engineer for over thirty years and is the author of three books.

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